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Natural stone floors can give a wonderfully unique feel to any home. Every house owner has their wish list for their flooring, countertops, and all other stones or the marble areas that always have a unique look. They can make a house look beautiful in different ways, but as easy as it is to get your home looking beautiful just by adding natural stone floors or countertops, keeping them clean and in good condition might just be another story entirely. Over time, these surfaces, as a result of wear and tear, begin to fade and lose the shine which appealed to so many householders when they were new.

residential cleaning service - home cleaning - maid serviceIf you have natural stone flooring then you already know that it isn’t as eye catching when it’s not clean. Here are some tips to help you avoid dirty stone flooring. They may seem simple, and they are, but they’re also very effective and will undoubtedly make it easier for you to keep your floors in good condition.

Daily Sweeping – Dust and dirt are probably the biggest factors that contribute damage to natural stone floors. These particles may be extremely tiny but they can do a lot of destruction to your flooring over time. These small particles can cause abrasions and scratches on the surface of your stone and, after time, reduce the natural luster. This is why daily sweeping is so important. It really doesn’t take but a few minutes of your time and a small amount of your energy. Use a micro-fiber broom rather than a traditional straw broom. On stone, the traditional broom may leave scratches. Micro-fiber is much gentler and less abrasive. Plus they pick up more particles.

Damp Mopping – Using a damp mop to clean your natural stone flooring is an effective way to remove any dust and dirt and make it shine in the process. A damp mop will remove the dust and dirt particles that sweeping couldn’t. Try using a string mop or one made of micro-fiber for your stone flooring. This type of mop is less abrasive and will reduce the potential for scratching. Warm water is really all you need for a good mopping but if you do choose to use a chemical cleaner make sure that it is safe for your type of stone.

Avoid Using Acidic Cleaning Agents – Cleaning agents that contain any form of acid are very bad for your stone. Any acidic or even citrus based cleaning agents can etch into the surface of your stone and leave scarring and scratches that will require professional polishing to remove. If you feel the need to use anything other than water on your natural stone then opt for a neutral pH cleaner or a stone soap.

maid service - cleaning servicesMaintaining your natural stone flooring is not as difficult as it may seem. Following these tips will maximize your cleaning efforts and ensure that your natural stone floors will remain beautiful and healthy for years to come.

When it comes time for professional cleaning of your natural stone or marble, it is vital to understand the benefits which are available when you make investments in the expertise and experiences of marble and natural stone cleaning experts.

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