Yitzhak Rabin High School recognizes the diverse needs of the student body. Due to small class sizes and the small size of the school, we are able to provide a high degree of attention to individual needs including enrichment as well as remediation.

Yitzhak Rabin High School exceeds the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education and offers university-bound courses in languages, humanities, arts, drama, literature, math, physical education, social studies, and sciences, as well as introductory studies as needed.

With input from parents and staff each student will, complete an annual education plan. This will help students set goals and priorities, research education and career opportunities, review the progress of each goal at the end of each term and revise goals and priorities.

Each student must also make a positive contribution to the well being of the community. Community involvement consists of student self-directed activities of at least 40 hours, which may be completed any time between the start of Grade 9 and graduation. The activities must occur outside of normal instructional hours.

The purposes are multifold: to help students understand how they can make a positive difference in their environment, to increase student awareness of community needs, to help students develop a positive self-image and a greater sense of identity in the community and to provide a possibility for exploring career opportunities.

Each student has the opportunity to choose a teacher-mentor who advises and advocates for the student. The two meet at least once per term to discuss any challenges and progress. Teacher-mentors stress goal setting, study and organizational skills and time management. These skills are reinforced in the classroom as well. This program provides students with individualized support, encouragement and motivation.

This group promotes school spirit, initiates activities and provides direction.

Our dedicated faculty is strongly committed to educational excellence, working with students as unique individuals and actively promoting the habits of mind that encourage students to achieve maturity, purpose, and well being in all aspects of life.