YRmail is the new collaborative online software suite for YRHS. It consists of several web applications which are designed specifically for use in this type of school environment. YRmail consists of a Mail client, a Calendar client, An online document storage and creation utility, a website builder, and much more. Google Apps has provided YRHS with the ability to make this possible.YRmail is used regularly in classes, and among staff. It also plays a part in student life.

YRmail Mail is the foundation on which the rest of YRmail is built. Our email is fashioned after Google’s Gmail, and therefore has over 7 Gigabytes of storage, an integrated IM Client, and a set of powerful search tools.

YRmail Calendar is our organizational tool. it can be used as a personal organizer, as well as a calendar with a completely customizable interface. It can store several calendars which can be viewed by more than one person at a time. For example, a teacher can enter a date for an exam on his/her calendar, and it will show up on all of the students’ calendars that are in that class. YRmail Calendar is fully integratable with YRmal Mail.

YRmail Docs is our document workspace. It can be used as a virtual hardrive to store files, as well as it can create, edit, and open files. It is one of the key collaboration tools, because it allows for more than one person to edit the same document, and it gives everyone within a group easy access to group files.

YRmail Sites is our website creation utility. it allows staff and students to create websites with no programming experience. Sites allows teachers to have their own websites for their classes, which they can use to post homework, links, marks, resources, and files. Sites also integrates with YRmail Docs, because it allows users to download documents off a YRmail Site directly to their YRmail Docs account.