Are you searching for troubleshooting steps to fix update errors in QuickBooks? In clear you are unable to install QuickBooks software or update process you are trying to do isn’t being successful. In such cases, don’t worry. How to fix Quickbooks errorWe are here to help you fix the QuickBooks update problems on your PC. For the beginners, here are suggestions to fix the error.

Error 1306 Occurs when updating QuickBooks

When trying to update QuickBooks, Error 1306 will occur. In detail the error starts “Another application has exclusive access to [File name]”. Though this error is visible, the update is successful.

The error can be occurred when another QuickBooks process ie Financial Statement Designer is running in background. Although QuickBooks program is closed, parts of the program processes continue to run. If you check in Windows Task Manager the process would be visible. Any process that starts with qb might cause this error. In several cases, a damaged QuickBooks installation may also cause this error too.

To fix “ Error :1306 occurs when updating QuickBooks”

Stop all QuickBooks process before updating it. If the issue occurs the problem is due to damaged installation. If this is the case, the QuickBooks software must be repaired.

  • To stop all QuickBooks processes reboot your computer. Once your system reboots run the update process
  • If system reboot is not possible, try to finish the process using Windows Task Manager utility to end an unresponsive program
  • Select process tab to end .exe files

Please remember that stopping some processes can cause damage to several other programs. In some cases stopping of processes can damage operating system or you can call quickbooks support phone number. If you are unfamiliar to stop which process, please contact an expert technician to guide you.

If you wish to repair your QuickBooks program

  • Exit QuickBooks
  • Run Reboot.bat
  • Restart your PC and QuickBooks
  • If the error still occurs, perform a clean uninstall

Quickbooks is an excellent platform you can also watch their success stories below.