Day 15: Training – Lean Body 6


Workout Details

Prep Chain 3×8 (sets x reps)


Each exercise is performed back to back with no rest. Rest 1 minute between rounds

  • Push-up x10
  • Hip Thrust x25
  • Batwing Plank x30 Seconds or 5 Chin-ups

Below we included videos for the push-up and chin-up.  If you can’t do a chin-up yet, keep going with those batwing planks.  Move the feet out a little further from the wall.  You are doing great!

2 Rounds


Goblet Squat- Rack Walk Up:

-Start with a light bell and perform sets of five. Move up in weight each set. Record the heaviest weight you used today.

-Aim for  10-12 total sets. Rest 20 seconds or less between each set of five.


Years ago, some well meaning researchers saw a correlation between cholesterol and heart disease.  Saturated fat and cholesterol were guilty by association!  There is a big difference between correlation and causation.  Just because cholesterol was correlated with heart disease does not mean it caused it.  Unfortunately, a cascade of events happened that made low-fat diets the ultimate healthy diet.  Saturated fat, especially, was demonized.

As it turns out, science didn’t agree.  We know this now, but this thinking still dominates.  Even most doctors still believe that low fat is a good thing.

We need fat for countless things, including but not limited to: hormone production, vitamins A, D, E, K, cell membrane integrity.  We also need all kinds of fat, including poly and mono unsaturated, as well as saturated fat (gasp!).

The goal this week is to start adding sources of fat to your meals. 

Of course, fat still is energy dense.  We want to add quality sources but without too much energy.  Starting with 1 meal, we will work our way through the program to eventually target almost all meals with a fat source.  So this week, the goal is to get at least 1 meal per day that has a fat serving.  These can include but not limited to:

  • fatty cut of meat (think beef roast, pork rib…) 1-2 fist size portion.  This would also satisfy protein goal
  • Fatty fish (salmon comes to mind), 1-2 fist portion and again this would count toward protein as well
  • nitrate free bacon, 2 slices
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1-2 tbsp of olive oil.  Be careful and measure this out, it adds up quick
  • nuts, small fist size
  • 1-3 Whole eggs (protein counts here too)
  • Cooking something in coconut oil

Use the forum to discuss this further! Remember, everything adds together.  We are starting to make a meal plan that includes all 3 macros, pro/carb/fat!  Still include carbohydrates as you like just be aware of portions, try to add protein sources and fat sources to every meal.  For some of you, this is easy.  Others, it takes some serious change.  Start at a level you feel comfortable with (eg. 1 meal/day) and work your way up as you feel comfortable!

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